Hello! My name is Bohan, a UX designer currently pursuing MFA in Design and Technology at Parsons School of Design.
I studied Interaction Design at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. I was driven to design because I enjoy learning about people's goals and helping them solve problems. I believe good design solves problems in the real world​​​​​​​
In summer 2019, I got to join the IBM Watson IoT team , giving me the incredible opportunity to learn from and work with an incredible team of designers, engineers, and managers. During the 14-weeks of internship, I helped to finish two major projects that provide IoT solution for manufacture industry. Meanwhile, I also attended three IBM Design Thinking Workshop, and received 6 badges certification from IBM learning platform.
Previously, I worked as Lab Assistant for UX Design at IBM Research, CISL. I researched with Dr. Hui Su to build the next generation Cognitive and Immersive Situations Room to augment group intelligence. The project I was put in charge is Merger and Acquisition, which is part of situation room infurstructure as well as one of the three major demos at CISL. 
I also love technology, so I attend various design conference related to tech industries in the past few years. I enjoy networking with people come from the industry, and learn from them to do better work. During these experiences, I learned insights of design from technology-industry and also how companies are currently operating. I also got a change to study their company values and goals, so I can be prepared when the next opportunity comes.  
Event attend before:
International eXperience Design Committee (IxDC )2019
IBM Call for Code Challenge 2019
MIT Media Lab Reality Virtually Hackathon
Information is Beautiful 
Cognitive Immersive Experience show cases
and more...​​​​​​​
Knowledge I learned: 
IBM Enterprise Design Thinking
Microsoft Inclusive Design 
Google Design Sprint 
Augmented Reality Design Guideline
Design IoT Products for to-C Market
Deliver Efficient and Clear Design Solution
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