Bohan Chen is a UX designer currently pursuing MFA in Design and Technology at Parsons School of Design.
He studied Interaction Design at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He was driven to design because he enjoyed learning about people's goals and helping them solve problems. I believe good design solves problems in the real world​​​​​​​
In summer 2019, He got the opportunity to join the IBM Watson IoT team , giving him the incredible opportunity to learn from and work with an incredible team of designers, engineers, and managers. During the 14-weeks of internship, he helped to finish two major projects that provide IoT solution for manufacture industry. Meanwhile, he also attended three IBM Design Thinking Workshop, and received 6 badges certification from IBM learning platform.
Previously, he worked as Lab Assistant for UX Design at IBM Research, CISL. He researched with Dr. Hui Su to build the next generation Cognitive and Immersive Situations Room to augment group intelligence. The project he was put in charge is Merger and Acquisition, which is part of situation room infrastructure as well as one of the three major demos at CISL. 
Bohan also attended various design conference related to tech industries in the past few years. He enjoyed networking with people come from the industry, and learned from them to do better work. During these experiences, he learned insights of design from technology-industry and also how companies are currently operating. He also got a chance to study their company values and goals, so he can be prepared when the next opportunity comes.  
Event attend before:
International eXperience Design Committee (IxDC )2019
IBM Call for Code Challenge 2019
MIT Media Lab Reality Virtually Hackathon
Information is Beautiful 
Cognitive Immersive Experience show cases
and more...​​​​​​​
Knowledge Domain
IBM Enterprise Design Thinking
Microsoft Inclusive Design 
Google Design Sprint 
Augmented Reality Design Guideline
Design IoT Products for to-C Market
Deliver Efficient and Clear Design Solution
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