Project Overview
Goal: Redesign LIT Coffee website to improve internet traffic.
Skills: Interaction Design, Visual Design, Prototyping, Design Thinking
Responsibility: I organized the Design Thinking Workshop with users, and designed new UI interactions.
Client: LIT Coffee
Duration: 6 weeks
About LIT Coffee
LIT Coffee is an online coffee store that sells coffee beans and coffee accessories. The founder wants LIT Coffee to deliver the best coffee beans for customers. Previously, he looked for a team to build a website for LIT Coffee as he wants to use e-commerce to boost the sale. Unfortunately, he realized that he still had a difficult time to find customers. The network flow doesn’t increase since the website was launched.
Assumption & Questions
At the beginning of this project, I collaborated with some us to do a card sorting in order to understand what I have already know and what need to understand for this project. All together, we looked over the website and wrote down what we discovered during the process. I categorized them as assumption and questions. And then we voted to pick the most important key point to solve first and made a plan for future iterations. 
User Interview
Market Research
Current User Journey
As-is Pain Points
1. LIT Coffee lacks clear market strategy
2. Customers don’t trust this website.
3. Customers don’t receive information/insight about coffee from this website.
4. Customers have a hard time to choose a coffee. They can’t make a decision.
Proposed Solution
Design Goal
Flow Chart
Home Screen
Home Screen
Home Screen 2
Home Screen 2
Product list
Product list
Design Mockup

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